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Nobody plans an accident — and that's exactly why safety should always be top of mind when operating any piece of machinery.
Use these resources to help educate yourself and your family about proper use of Kubota equipment.
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Welcome to Hazard Hunt Game

An interactive game that invites you to use your skills to identify hazards that are hidden in 9 different tractor views. If you get a high score you'll enter the Hazard Hunt Hall of Fame and stay there until someone beats your score. Then you can try again and get a higher score.

This game is for PC only. The download size is about 48 MB.

Hazard Hunt Game Instructions

To Load the Game:
Click on the picture below to download the game. After the file has been downloaded, extract its content into a folder on your computer. Double click on Kubota.exe and follow on screen instructions to load the game.

To Exit the Game:
Press Control "Q" at the same time and follow on screen instructions.

To Clear all scores in the "Hall of Fame":
Press Control "R" and follow on screen instructions.

Kubota Hazard Hunt Game