Introducing the most powerful Kubota TLB Series utility tractor yet. The M59 packs a superior 59 HP Kubota diesel engine, smooth Featherstep HST transmission and standard 4-Wheel Drive. Get more done on the job site with deeper digging depths and greater lift capacity.
E-TVCS Diesel Engine
This 59HP, Kubota Three-Vortex Combustion System (E-TVCS) engine allows for increased airflow into the combustion chamber, where it mixes quickly and evenly with fuel from the fuel injection nozzle to produce greater power, increased efficiency and cleaner emissions. Specifically, this machine's Cooled ER (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) System reduces smog-producing nitrogen oxides, by lowering the combustion temperature, helping it to comply with the EPA's interim Tier IV emissions regulations. The M59 diesel engine system includes a large displacement engine to help reduce noise and vibration.
HST Plus Transmission
The M59's HST Plus Transmission achieves superior performance by providing automated control of both the HST pump and motor. Its key features include: Hydro Dual Speed (H-DS), Load Sensing ability, HST Response Control and Auto Throttle Advance.
Feather-Step Operation (Hydraulic Servo System)
Our HST also comes with a smoother, more responsive pedal, thanks to Kubota's traditional hydraulic servo system, which decreases the amount of pressure required to depress the pedal.
Backhoe Crawling Mode
A rare feature for this type of TLB, Kubota's backhoe crawling mode allows you to move at "creep" speed while at the controls of the backhoe. This is especially time saving when repositioning along lengthy trenches.
Four-Wheel Drive
The M59's four-wheel drive gives you the power and stability you need, especially when pulling heavy loads or working on unsound terrain. The front wheel drive bevel gear assures that you always get a smooth and full power transfer. And the 55° steering angle and compact differential provide you with the ground clearance and maneuverability you need for a wide array of work applications.
Heavy-Duty Rear Axle
The heavy-duty rear axle uses muliple wet-disc brakes for extended lie and smooth stopping performance.
Integrated Main Frame
The M59's integral main rame absorbs twisting loads during backhoe and loader operation and will not transmit flex to the tractor chassis. This makes the tractor's structural integrity uncompromisingly sound.
Full Flat Deck
Our full flat deck gives you ample legroom. This makes operation more comforable and mounting and dismounting the tractor easy. Additionally, this deck substantially reduces vibration and driver fatigue through the use of rubber mounts.
Walk-Through Step
The M59 features a generous area to the side of the operator's seat, which makes it easy to walk to your seat when performing backhoe work. The seat itself pivots on the spot so you never have to dismount or climb over it.
ROPS/FOPS and Protective Canopy
The 4-post Rollover Protective Structure and the Falling Objective Protective Structure come standard on the M59. To help keep you safe from any potential risks, a steel roof lies underneath the stylish orange canopy.
Recognized for its superb reliability and usability, Kubota's state-of-the-art, diagnostic IntelliPanel™ provides you with comprehensive tractor feedback. With easy-to-read indicators, displays and sensor messages, you can clearly view information about the M59's current working status, engine, fuel and oil warning signals, as well as maintenance indications.
Side-Position Display
The digital panel's side positioning provides information at a glance for faster and safer operation when working with either the loader or backhoe.
Arm Rest
The M59's arm rest helps reduce arm movement and operator fatigue, especially when performing loader work.
3-Point Hitch Storage
When the backhoe is mounted, this storage area provides a convenient and easily-accessible place to store the optional Category I and II 3-point hitch storage.
Remote Hydraulic Control Valves
The M59 offers three optional Remote Hydraulic Control Valves for a greater selection of hydraulically powered implements. For operators, this versatile system translates into a convenient and cost-efficient solution.
Independent PTO
The hydraulic-independent 540-rpm PTO expands the use of the M59 to include rear-mounted, PTO-driven implements such as rotary tillers, post hole diggers, snow blowers and rear-mount mowers.
Category I and II 3-Point Hitch
The Category I and II, 3-point hich provides fast and simple attachment of a wide array of rear-mounted implements. This versatile hitch boasts 2,976 lbs. of lift capacity.
Brace-Less Frame
The M59's brace-less loader frame design improves visibility over the hood, to the side and when servicing the engine.
Slanted Boom Design
Slanted to match the M59's hood, the front loader boom design provides operators with a greater field of view and gives you better visibility when changing front attachments.
Hood Guard (Optional)
The hood guard helps in protecting the front area of the tractor.
Lift Capacity and Height
With an enormous lifting capacity of 3,960 lbs., the front loader can tackle just about any job with ease. Plus, with a maximum height of 12.5 feet, to the pivot pins, this loader can easily reach as high as a standard dump truck. Together, these features make the M59 a hit on almost any construction site.
Auto-Leveling Valve
Thanks to this ingenious valve, the bucket angle is automatically kept level even though the angle of the boom may change. This minimizes spillage prior to dumping and makes the loader easier to operate. It's especially useful when using pallet forks.
Bucket-Level Indicator
The bucket-level indicator rod gives the operator a clear and easy way to tell when the bucket is level.
Optional 3rd Function Valve
The M59 can be equipped with our optional 3rd function valve. This large-capacity (16.2 GPM) valve makes Skid Steer-type attachments, such as augers and sweepers, easy to operate.
Protected Hydraulics
The hydraulic hoses run through the M59's loader boom, offering greater hose protection and durability as well as clearer operator views.
Standard Loader Boom Lock
This standard loader boom lock securely locks the loader's boom while it's in the raised position. This allows you to work under the hood of the M59.
Round Bucket
The 84" rounded bucket of the M59 offers increased durability and makes dumping sand and soil easier.