Dependable power, cleaner emissions and a bold new look define Kubota's new L3301– featuring a Tier 4 Final emissions 33 HP Kubota diesel engine, improved ergonomics and much more.
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Standard L - Series Features
More power, cleaner emissions and a bold new look
position the new Standard L-series tractors at the
top of their class.The Standard L-Series has not
only improved performance but also feature a
revamped design with smooth, rounded contours
from front to rear that improve visibility so you
can get the job done faster and with ease in the
comfort of the New Standard L-Series Tractors.

New Powerful, Clean Engines
Known for their reliability and power, Kubota diesel engines generate outstanding horsepower, yet are more fuel-efficient and cleaner burning thanks to the Common Rail System (CRS) with electronic controlled direct fuel injection. The engines with the latest EPA Tier 4 Final emission regulations.

Gear Drive Transmission with Synchro-Shuttle (F and DT Models)

You'll finish the big jobs easily with the mechanical Synchro-Shuttle Transmission featuring inline forward and reverse shifting for quick directional changes. The transmission offers 4 main-shift speeds and 2 range-shift speeds (Hi/Lo) for a total of 8 forward and 8 reverse speeds (8FX8R), enabling you to select the right speed for better productivity.

HST Transmission (L3301HST & L3901HST)

The HST transmission provides infinite speed control with the HST pedal that can be operated simply by pressing down on the pedal. The more the pedal is pressed, the faster the wheels go. An inline shifting pattern enables easy range shifting between low, medium and high.

Cruise Control is optional on these models. When installed the cruise lever is conveniently located on the left side of the operator's seat for easy access.

HST Transmission (L4701HST)

Kubota's 44.5cc Feather-Step HST features a hydraulic servo system that increases pedal responsiveness, providing easy pedal shifting operation for smoother performance and improved control. The brake pedals have been relocated to the left side of the operator platform allowing more foot space on the L4701HST. Plus, it features a hand operated, step-less cruise control, which keeps your working speed constant. Cruise control is standard on the L4701HST.

Bevel Gear Front Axle (4WD Model)

A superior feature that delivers an extremely tight turning radius with full power transfer to the wheels at every steering angle.

Live Continuous-Running PTO (L3301 & L3901 Models)

The L3301/L3901 HST models and the L3901 gear-drive models include a live, continuous-running rear PTO for easier operation. The HST models also feature an over-running clutch on the PTO shaft to protect the transmission. Finally, a stationary PTO feature allows the use of various implements such as pumps.

Hydraulic Independent PTO (L4701 Models)

The L4701 models have this convenient feature that lets you operate the hydraulic independent PTO without using the clutch.

Conveniently Located PTO Lever (L3301 & L3901 Models)

The PTO lever is located to the right side of the operator's seat (L3301 & L3901 HST models), or to the right side of the foot platform center cover (L3301 & L3901 gear models).

*L3301F Model Pictured

Electric over Hydraulic PTO Switch (L4701 Models)

Our PTO switch makes PTO operation easier than ever. The switch is conveniently located on the right side of the operator seat. Just a push and turn starts the PTO, and a single push stops it.

3-Point Hitch

The large capacity hydraulic pump and cylinder provide powerful lifting capacity, allowing you to use a wider range of implements.

Telescoping Stabilizers are option on the L3301 & L3901 models and standard equipment on the L4701 models.

*L4701 model pictured

Choice of Tires

Tires designed for specific jobs allow the Standard L-Series tractors to perform even better. Select from Ag, Industrial, and Turf tire options.

Large Capacity Fuel Tank

The L3301 and L3901 models feature an ample 11.1 gallon fuel tank. The L4701 models feature a 13.5 gallon fuel tank. Operate longer between fill ups with the large capacity fuel tank on the Standard L-Series.

Cup Holder

This convenient holder securely fits a cup or a mug to keep operators hydrated on the job.

Tool Box

A large tool box is located right behind the operator's seat for easy access. Models with the backhoe will have the tool box above the left fender, next to the operator's seat.
New Dash Panel

The dash panel features large gauges and a digital LCD panel that provides vital information including engine error codes. Parking Brake and Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) indicators have been added to the dash panel.
New Seat
The adjustable suspension system offers a high level of comfort. The seat is contoured and ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue when working long days. A drain hole has been added to allow water to escape so it does not accumulate on the seat.

Roll-Over Protective Structure (ROPS)

For maximum protection, all models come with a foldable ROPS and a retractable seat belt as standard equipment.

One Piece Hood

The Standard L-Series sleek slanted hood provides a great field of vision. The one piece hood can be fully opened with the assistance of a gas strut for easier access to the engine and other maintenance items.

Front Loader

The LA525 an LA765 Front Loaders have a specially designed curved boom that can handle the big tasks that the Standard L-Series is made for, providing exceptional lifting power and height, as well as exceptional durability.

Curved Boom
The curved boom provides enhanced visibility and modern styling.

Protected Hoses

The hydraulic hoses are neatly tucked inside the backhoe to protect from wear and tear.

Loader Joystick

The loader valve and joystick comes standard with either loader package. The joystick is ergonomically placed within easy reach of the operator.

2-Lever Quick Coupler
With our 2-Lever Quick Coupler, changing between buckets and other implements is a snap. This is the option for those who do a lot of bucket work and frequently change bucket types.
The 2-Lever Quick Coupler is standard on the LA525 and LA765 loader package. Optional front attachments for the 2-Lever Quick Coupler: 66" and 72" Buckets, 36" Pallet Forks, Bale Spear


The BH77 backhoe is "Performance Matched"with the L3301, L3901 and the BH92 is "Performance Matched" with the L4701 to deliver more power and greater capacity.

Wide Legroom
Our full-flat deck gives you ample legroom. This makes operation comfortable and mounting and dismounting the tractor easy.

Quick Attach/Detach
The less time you spend between jobs, the more productive you become. To this end, the BH77 and BH92 are equipped with quick attach/detach mounting system. This makes attaching or detaching the backhoe a snap. So you can quickly move on to your next job.

Cast Steel

Mainframe provides a strong and durable backhoe. No welds to crack or break.

Optional Hydraulic and Mechanical Thumbs

Thumbs empower backhoes with great versatility to handle objects such as logs and landscape rocks. Both the BH77 and BH92 backhoes come with pre-installed thumb brackets to accommodate the optional 6-position mechanical thumb. In addition, the BH92 also offers an optional hydraulic thumb.

Rear Snowblower

2-Stage Rear 3-Point mounted Snowblower

Two sizes available 64" and 74" cutting widths.

Ballast Box

Mounted on the 3-Point hitch filled with sand or gravel to counter balance the tractor while operating a front implement.