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Tips to Identify Gray Market Tractors
"Gray Market" - Used Kubota Tractors
  1. Model Number (refer to list).  
  2. No safety or operation labels are written in English.   
  3. If an Operator Manual is provided, the model number on the face of the manual will differ from the model number on the tractor.   
  4. If a serial number plate is on the tractor, the information on the plate is written in Japanese.   
  5. The tractor may be equipped with Japanese rice paddy tires (much higher thread lugs than U.S. agricultural tires) and information on the tire is written in Japanese.   
  6. Some models have no over-running PTO clutch. 
  7. Click Here to contact Kubota Tractor Corporation Customer Satisfaction Department for assistance finding out if your tractor is a Gray Market Tractor.