Employee Testimonials
Steven Davies—Regional Sales Manager
Growing up on an Iowa Farm, I knew my career would be focused on Agriculture.

After receiving my degree from Iowa State University, I worked for a German hay and forage company learning how to develop equipment dealers and territories. I covered six states in the Midwest and was seldom home. As a family man with young kids it was becoming increasing hard to leave and be in hotels ten days at a time. My daughter, who was 3 at the time, would start to cry as I packed my bags for travel.

Since coming to Kubota in 2005, the strain of being absent from the family is lessened dramatically. This is my chief motivation to succeed and do a great job for our company. Kubota allowed me to grow my career and also be a great dad who was home by dinnertime.

I am a customer of Kubota and use our products on my own farm. We have a ZD326, and L3800 with loader and we rent the SVL from our local rental yard as we do bigger projects.

I always tell people that before coming to work for Kubota, I didn’t know anyone who had a Kubota, yet I still had a perception of the name and the brand as being "quality.” My family and I are greatly appreciative for this company and opportunity. It is my pleasure to grow the Kubota brand in my home state.

Curtis Bishop—National Distribution Manager

I was raised on an active farm in Texas. We grew cotton, corn, black eyed peas, and sunflowers. We had cattle, milk cows, chickens, pigs and a menagerie of ducks, geese, peacocks and rabbits. This made me a natural in FFA (Future Farmers of America). While attending West Texas State University, I worked for a major tractor company and continued to work for them in many different capacities for 16 years before joining Kubota in 1986.

In coming to Kubota I saw a young tractor company on the rise, a company with pride in their product, ambitious goals, and a very strong desire to grow. Here I have had the opportunity to work on major projects and take a very active role in helping Kubota grow to its current size and strength. I feel very strongly that Kubota offered more opportunity than I would have otherwise gotten.

When I first came to Kubota in 1986, Kubota only owned one building in Suwanee, Georgia. All other offices were just rented. We built and now own all our locations and our parent company KBT has built two factories and started a third in the U.S. So for me, Kubota has given me great opportunity, a stable work environment, and longevity – something you can count on.

While every day is not always a walk in the park, it a good place to call home. Only working at one other company certainly does not make me an authority on "other companies” but I have colleagues and friends that do, and they always tell me how lucky I am.