“The only work we’ve ever had to do on our Kubotas is basic maintenance—never any real repair work. The reliability of our Kubotas has been outstanding!”

If an apple a day truly keeps the doctor away, the Haney brothers are sure to live to a ripe old age. As owners of Haney Apple Orchard in Nancy, Kentucky, they probably see more apples in one day than most people see in a lifetime. “We have over 40 varieties of apples here, peaches, too. And everything we sell is really fresh,” says Don Haney.

Don is proud of the success of his family business, and for good reason. The apple business isn’t easy work, as anyone who knows it can tell you. And nobody knows that better than the Haneys. “We raise fruit here,” says Don. “We’ve done it for generations. Apples, peaches…every year we prune them, spray them, pick them and sell them—all right here on the farm.” He adds that though apples are their “core” business, they also manage a 100-head cow/calf operation and do general farming. No doubt the Haneys keep their Kubotas busy.

To tackle all this work, the Haneys employ the help of three Kubota machines. They use an M5900 almost solely for spraying and orchard work. They also have an M5700 cab tractor for other farm jobs including baling. And, they still utilize a zero-turn mower, which they’ve owned for some time—and it’s still going strong.

When asked about reliability, the Haneys responded without hesitation. “In this line of work, timing is everything,” says Mark Haney. “The orchard business means a lot of spraying. And there’s a narrow window to do it. So we need a tractor that is super reliable.” As a long-time Kubota owner, Mark insists that their tractors live up to the task. “We need machinery that’s always ready to go,” says Mark, “and that’s our Kubota.”

Overall, they couldn’t find a negative word about any of their Kubotas. “Very good. Very comfortable,” boasted Mark, “Implements are easy to attach and everything is very hardy and well designed.” Even when asked about the cost-to-value of a Kubota, Mark just couldn’t say enough, “These tractors are a very good value for the money, the key to this is the reliability factor. We can’t sit around waiting for parts or repairs. We need a tractor that’s going to be there day in and day out.”