“The impact broke my Kubota tractor wide open, but luckily, I walked away from it.”

Where or how Cary McKinney got his nickname, we haven’t a clue. What we do know is that it’s not in reference to the color of his thumb. If that were the case, after seeing the lush, well-manicured properties of his clients, we’d be calling him “Greeny” instead.

Witness the way Whitey takes care of business, and there’s no doubt he’s a professional landscaper through and through. To keep up with the demands of his discerning clients, he has a Kubota L3430 with an LA513 front loader that he hauls on a small flatbed from job to job. And, like so many Kubota owners, Whitey is also a repeat Kubota customer having owned an L3410 prior to his L3430.

Here’s why Whitey gives the green “thumbs up” to Kubota tractors. “First of all, the L3430’s size is perfect for doing either large or small yards. Its rear PTO, 3-point hitch, and front loader let me do all kinds of jobs, and they’re plenty powerful. The 12-speed Glideshift is really versatile, and the four extra gears help a lot and make shifting smooth. I use my L3430 for rotary cutting, rough and fine grading, backfilling, pulling trailers, setting up berms, moving heavy things, you name it, the L3430 can do it. Plus, I’ve never had bit of mechanical trouble with either one of my Kubota tractors.”

When we asked Whitey if either of his Kubota tractors had ever come through for him in a pinch, his eyes lit up. Enthusiastically, Whitey came forth with a truly incredible story. “As I was going down the road on my tractor, a man driving a car didn’t see me. He hit me so hard, he knocked the box blade up into the roll bar. Fortunately, I was buckled in and had my ROPS up, otherwise I’d be gone because the box blade would have definitely taken me out. The impact broke my Kubota tractor wide open, but luckily, I walked away from it.” We responded with only one word, “Amazing.”

Whitey’s story is another example of how wearing your seat belt as well as using your ROPS properly can help save your life. By doing so, we can help reduce the number of fatalities and serious injuries that occur from farming accidents.

Continuing with his story, Whitey said, “I operated (a competitive brand) tractor in the past, but the word of mouth advertising for Kubota was so strong, I went to a Kubota dealer to check it out for myself. When I realized what I’d be getting for the price, the value was just unbeatable. When you factor in that it even saved my life, I guess you could say my Kubota tractor was even priceless.”