“Kubota’s smooth 8-speed transmission is perfect for Tennessee’s hilly terrain. Actually, it’s perfect for taking on any terrain.”

As the owner of a 1967 Chevy Camaro SS convertible and a super-charged, pro-stock racing car, there’s no doubt that Andy Fleming is a man on the move. Coincidentally, he also owns a moving company. Throw three Kubota tractors into the picture, and Andy is a man who can’t be stopped when it comes to getting things done.

Check out Andy’s home in Clarksville, Tennessee, and the success of this mover and shaker is quite evident. A beautiful, spacious, red-brick colonial sits upon almost 140 gorgeous acres, the bounty for years of relentless, fast-paced toil. We realized off the bat that Andy isn’t the kind of guy that can sit still long, so we started throwing him questions immediately.

Our first few questions were basic and Andy quickly responded. “I grew up using (a competitive brand) tractor with my dad, but I bought my first Kubota because a close friend recommended it. Right now, I own an M6800, M8200, and a ZD-25 Pro Deck Mower, which is so easy to use my wife cuts our two-acre lawn all by herself and does a beautiful job. I use both my M-Series tractors to rotary cut, cut fields, and to cut, roll and rake hay, and they do a beautiful job as well.”

When we discussed operability, Andy said that Kubota tractors are a real joy to use. He went on to tell us that his M-Series tractors work so well that his wife helps him with the farm chores on occasion. When we looked again at Andy’s beautifully manicured two-acre property, we were absolutely certain that his wife had no problems doing a terrific job.

Just about every Kubota owner we spoke to had a favorite topic. Andy’s favorite was reliability, and he gave us our money’s worth. “When you work a full-time job in addition to running a farm, you can’t afford any downtime. For me, my Kubota machines have never failed to start, even on the coldest days. In two years of running my M8200, and we’re talking really hard, I’ve never had to take it to the dealer for servicing, not even once. All I do is preventive maintenance.”

Andy concluded: “Because my Kubota tractors are so reliable, when I need to get the job done, they’re ready to help me do it. Throw in their fuel efficiency and you’ve got an exceptional value. Kubota is all I’ll buy from here on out.”