“Over a 10-year period, I can’t recall any maintenance problems. The L3830 is my fourth Kubota tractor. How’s that for proof of reliability?”

Imagine the daunting task of building the American dream as a livelihood. This is the challenge that Henry Christman and his crew at Somerset Subdivisions of Clarksville, Tennessee, take on every day of the week.

Visit their job site and you’ll see it strewn with numerous pallets piled high with all kinds of building materials. Look around and you’ll find stacks of lumber, huge mounds of topsoil, cedar chips, gravel—everything you need to build a dream home and then some. And although the materials vary according to the homes, there are two things you’ll always see at every Somerset Subdivisions’ job site: Henry Christman and his Kubota Grand L-Series 3830 tractor.

As we discovered during the home-building process, a lot of heavy materials need to be lifted and moved almost constantly. For this purpose, Henry says his Kubota L3830 is incomparable. “On my last tractor, the attachments had to be changed manually and it was very time consuming. But with my Kubota L3830, I can switch from bucket to loader in 10 seconds, thanks to Kubota’s quick-attach system. Its loader is also very strong, making easy work of picking up even a pallet of bricks.”

Another Kubota benefit, according to Henry, is the incredible maneuverability of his tractors. “Because we have a lot of materials and equipment around our sites, open work space is limited. But because my L3830 is so nimble, I’ve been able to get into the tightest spots and get the job done in much less time.” Henry also added, “All Kubota tractors are low to the ground, well balanced, and because their motors and hydraulics are so strong, it’s hard to overload yourself.” He also values the 4-wheel drive. “When my sites get muddy, I’m the only one who can get in and out, thanks to Kubota’s 4-wheel drive. And sure, it’s great to have the power to lift heavy things, but it doesn’t mean anything, unless you can steer and get yourself out like I do with my Kubota.”

Construction jobs are physically taxing, so, we asked Henry about the ergonomics of his tractor. “Kubota tractors are truly well designed. It’s one of the main reasons I buy Kubota. All the controls are positioned within easy reach, and because their operation puts almost no strain on you, you can work all day long and not be tired. And for me and my crew, that’s very important.”