“It’s a very easy piece of equipment to learn. And, it’s such a snap to maintain,
I’m even learning how to do it myself.”

Like a page out of Country Living magazine brought to life, the Sundstrom home would be the pride and joy of any homeowner. Nestled within the beautiful rolling hills of Paris, Tennessee, and dramatically back dropped by a lush forest, the home stands as a testament to the capable hands of the Sundstroms.

“When it comes to wood, my husband is a master craftsman, and he runs a very successful carpentry business. And thanks to him, he turned what used to be a small hunting shack into the gorgeous 3000-square-foot beauty we live in today,” said Diane. But as we found out quickly, when it comes to landscaping, that’s Diane’s territory.

“Getting our property looking like a state park took a tremendous effort, but I certainly can’t take all the credit,” continued Diane. And just when we thought the topic would turn to her husband, Diane quipped,“I had my Kubota BX23 tractor with front loader and backhoe helping me all the way.”

We asked her if she felt intimidated by the Kubota BX23. “Although I’ve only operated lawn mowers before owning the BX23, its compact size put me at ease. Its control levers are all within easy reach for me, and after finding out how simple it is to operate, well that made me feel really comfortable. It’s a very easy piece of equipment to learn,” answered Diane.

Next, Diane brought us up to speed on the various jobs she performs with her BX23. “With its front loader and backhoe, I can dig out soil and gravel, break up really hard surfaces, transplant trees, carry and move heavy objects, you name it,” she said. She continued by telling us how she uses her tractor to maintain their very long driveway. “Gravel driveways need a lot of care, especially when it rains. But to get a quick, beautiful finish, all I need to do is drop off the backhoe and attach the box scraper which is really easy to do, then put it in gear.”

Diane concluded with an example of how she used the BX23’s powerful backhoe. “My in-laws wanted a planter put in, but on the spot where they wanted it, was a huge patch of limestone that had hardened like concrete. Well, I got my BX23 out and carefully started using the backhoe. The limestone was no match for the backhoe and I had it all dug out in no time. I had the planter placed within an hour and a half. My in-laws were pretty amazed to say the least.”