“Farming is hard even during the good times, but back around ’89,
those were some really hard farm years. That’s when we changed brands to Kubota.”

B & J Gosser Farms is situated in Russell Springs, Kentucky, on a generous spread of land surrounded by lush greenery for as far as the eye can see. But the owners, Billy and Jonathan Gosser, don’t have much time for kickin’ back and appreciating nature’s splendor. They run a demanding full-scale farm that needs to be operated on a daily basis.

Before the sun peeks over the horizon, Billy and Jonathan’s day begins. First, they tend to their cow-calf operation. After feeding and examining each one, the two move on to general farm work, where on any given day, they might mow, rake, fluff, and bale hay; rotary cut; plow and fertilize soil; plant vegetables or harvest—we’re talking the whole nine yards. This is where their Kubota machines are put to the test every day.

When we asked Billy about the importance of reliability, here’s what he had to say. “We owned competitive brands in the past and we found that after about a year or so we had to start working on them. And when you’re putting time into repairing your tractor, you’re not putting time into getting your jobs done, plain and simple.” Naturally, our next question was why Kubota?

“Back in ’89 things were really tough for us financially, and we needed a new tractor. I had always heard good stuff about Kubota’s reliability, but what sealed the deal was Kubota’s affordable price.” We were all ears at this point and Billy continued. “So we bought our first Kubota then, and that machine just kept on working and working without any breakdowns. It would always start right up on the very first day of every season, even in below zero temperatures and without using any plug-ins.”

Billy concluded with “Kubota’s reliability is exceptional and that’s without question, but that’s not where it ends. With Kubota, because their machines are also more versatile, more fuel efficient, and better priced, they’re just a far better value.”

Backing up Billy’s words of praise for Kubota is B & J Gosser Farm’s extensive lineup of Kubota products. Today, they own an M110, M8950, M6950, L4150, B7100, and an RTV900.