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Jacobi Sales: Living the Kentucky Good Life, the Orange Way

Phil Jacobi - Jacobi Sales, Inc.

Jacobi Sales, Inc. has mastered the art of mixing passion and expertise with a dash of fun to serve the needs of crop farmers, sundowners, contractors and tourists alike in Northern Kentucky. The team at this dealership credits their more than 81 years of success to three things: integrity, a strong family and some good ‘ol fashioned country hospitality. The Jacobi family has integrated several tractor and equipment dealerships with a you-pick-it farm and winery. They are truly living (and selling!) a piece of the Kentucky good life.

What’s unique about the folks at Jacobi Sales? Phil Jacobi, chairman of the board for Jacobi Sales, and his staff know Kubota equipment inside and out and although Jacobi has one name on the sign, it has three families and nine shareholders operating and growing the business: together with the Book and Uhl families, the Jacobi family has relied on each other’s strengths and passions to create a full-circle family business.

"Many of our customers are loyal to us generation after generation, and that is very important to us,” said Phil. "Having a quality product and always going that extra step keeps customers happy, and that’s our ultimate goal.”

Also part of the family business is Huber Orchard & Winery, a 550 acre you-pick-it farm, winery and country wonderland founded by the parents of Kathleen, Phil Jacobi’s wife. A major tourist destination and local hot spot alike, Huber Orchard & Winery attracts those looking to get a feel (and taste) of country life. The property includes berry farms, grapes, fruit trees, a pumpkin patch and Christmas tree farm. Visitors can hop on a Kubota-pulled trailer and jump off to pick until their heart’s content. Also located on the farm is a general store, homemade ice cream parlor, restaurant, meeting center and gift shop.

One of the orchard’s popular attractions is a miniature Kubota tractor dealership. The Jacobi’s really thought this one through: as kids ride on peddle-pushed orange tractor replicas, parents can browse the product information and take a look at the "real life” RTVs and B-Series tractors on display. Now that’s fun for the whole family!
"I’m proud to say that we have a family that does not skip the details, and we manage to have a little fun along the way,” explains Phil.

“Having a quality product and always going that extra step keeps customers happy and that's our ultimate goal.”

Phil Jacobi, Chairman


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Jacobi Sales Inc.

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The office and sales staff at Jacobi Sales in Palmyra, Indiana

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